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Favorite Links


On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy. I may also include an explanation of what I like about the site.

For example, here are links to some sites that I look at every day:

Writer's Publishing Help


Purefiction Literary Agents Novel Advice
SFF Net Creative Writing Writers Net Fictions Works
Poets & Writers Online Ink Spot Bookwire U.S. Copyright Homepage
Editorial Eye Index The Writer's Depot The Writer's Center Robins Writer's Help
Spawn AAR Agents, Publishers and More Rest Stop Writer's Newsletter
IRC Undernet Writer's Page Writer's International Forum The Market List Writer's Block
Writer's Resources Writer's on the Net Writer's Pen Creative Options Writer's Market Web-Zine Word Studio
Hidden Book Press      



Hope the information listed here helps in your goals within the publishing world.
Remember...  write, write write!!